"Set You Free"

 "Set you Free" EP
September 1st, 2008 (Set you Free EP) [Wood](SOCAN){M.A.P.L.}
-Recorded at Sound Extractor, Edmonton AB and  produced by Stew Kirkwood

1.Broken Hearted Girl
2.Set You Free
3. About you
4. Pass me By

"Self Titled"

 "Greg Wood"
May 14, 2009 (Greg Wood) [Wood](SOCAN){M.A.P.L.}
-Recorded at Sound Extractor, Edmonton AB and produced by Stew Kirkwood
1.Ride On
2.Empty Shell
3.Hold ON
4.Broken Hearted Girl(Radio remix)
5.Drift Away
6.Bedroom Eyes
7.Wake Up
8.I Want a Girl
9. Born to be Alone
10. Old Dusty Road

"Greg Wood III"

"Our Failed Resistance" (Dead Reckoning)

 "Greg Wood III"
August, 2011 (Greg Wood) [Wood](SOCAN){M.A.P.L.}
-Recorded at Sound Extractor, Edmonton AB and produced by Stew Kirkwood and Greg Wood

1. Razorblades
2. You Wouldn't understand
3. Little While
4. Fly Away
5. Hope in her Eyes
6. Father's Touch (Ft. Lindsey Ell)
7. Infinity
8. Cocaine Lover
9. Memories and postcards
10. Perfect Drug
11. Whiskey Smile

"Thunderstruck 10"

 "Our Failed Resistance"
July, 2010 (Dead Reckoning) [Wood/Dead Reckoning](SOCAN){M.A.P.L.}
-Recorded at A Side Studios, Edmonton AB and produced by Dead Reckoning and Greg Wood, Mastering by "The Hive" Vancouver. Guitars by Greg Wood, Engineered by Greg Wood.

1. Our Failed Resistance
2. Only the Dead See the end of War
3. This Deep Embrace
4. What I'm not
5. The Great Deceit

"Big Rock Untapped Vol. 3"

Release Year : 2011
Format : NTSC
Actors : Randy Swenson, Shawn Hastings, Dave Schell, Brad Story, Jim Phelan
Directors : Jim Phelan
Studio : Thunderstruck Films
Run Time : 50 minutes

Soundtrack songs used:
"Razorblades" [Wood]
"Little While" [Wood]
"Born to be Alone" [Wood]
"Old Dusty Road" [Wood]
"Ride On" [Wood]