Beyond Talent: The Business of Music (PDF) By: Greg Wood
  • Beyond Talent: The Business of Music (PDF) By: Greg Wood
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Beyond Talent: The Business of Music (Book) By: Greg Wood PDF 2014

There are so many artists I've met and interacted with that in my opinion have a huge amount of talent. As they say in the business they have I –T - IT! Many of these artists just getting started in their careers have no idea where to begin or what to expect. As they hit some of the common industry road blocks they get really discouraged and stop pursuing their dreams of a music career. Or worse, they slow down when they hit speed bumps.

This book is for the musician with talent who wants to go full speed ahead into the industry. I am confident they can use this book to ramp up what they are already doing, start making money from music, set and achieve some new musical goals, use my knowledge and learn from my mistakes to keep pushing their music forward.

Forward, until a time that their talent has risen and evolved into mastery so they bump into that ever elusive ingredient, luck. This is “Beyond Talent: The Business of Music”.

Explore the many facets of the music business in this easy to read, simple to follow, step by step guide to gigs, social media, radio play, CD release parties, press kits, contracts, touring, goal setting and more, including overcoming the common psychological barriers and self-defeating habits of musicians.

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 A book and documentary film by producer Greg Wood in association with Fadeback Studios United, all about the music industry!